Truck & 18 Wheeler Accident Victories

$3,500,000 Settlement

$3.35 Million Settlement for Client Rear-Ended by an 18 Wheeler

Zehl & Associates is pleased to have obtained a $3.35 million settlement on behalf of our client, Tommy East, who suffered a concussion as well as herniated disks in his neck and back after being rear-ended by an Oakley Trucking 18 wheeler driven by David Henefield, one of Oakley’s drivers.

At mediation, Oakley Trucking and its insurance company, AIG, claimed that they would never offer more than $1,000,000.00 to settle the case.

Accordingly, we refused their inadequate settlement offer and prepared the case for trial.

Then, just days before jury selection was set to begin, Oakley Trucking and AIG increased their offer by over 3 times, bringing the final settlement amount to $3,350,000.00.

This settlement is the largest in Oakley Trucking’s history, making this the 4th consecutive case in which Zehl & Associates has obtained the largest recovery in a Defendant’s corporate history.

$5,400,000 Settlement

$5.4 Million Settlement on Behalf of Client who Suffered Post-Concussion Syndrome in an 18 Wheeler Accident

Zehl & Associates is proud to announce a $5.4 million settlement on behalf of our client, who suffered Post-Concussion Syndrome and a herniated disk in his lower back after being rear-ended on the highway by an 18 wheeler driver.

The Defendant—one of the largest trucking companies in the country–disputed the extent of our client’s injuries and initially refused to offer more than $750,000 to settle the case.

After taking numerous depositions—and less than 2 weeks before trial—-Mr. Zehl was able to obtain a $5.4 million settlement for the client and his family.

$4,200,000 Verdict

$4.2 Million Verdict in Trucking Case versus R&L Carriers

Trial lawyers Ryan Zehl and Kevin Haynes received a $4.2 Million verdict after a 5 week trial against R&L Carriers, one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the country.

Prior to trial, R&L refused to offer more than $150,000 to settle the case.

The accident occurred on Interstate 20, just outside of Dallas, Texas.  R&L’s driver rear-ended our client on the highway at over 60 mph, causing our client’s vehicle to flip and our client to seriously injure her head and lower back.  At trial, R&L blamed our client for the collision, claiming that she cut in front of the R&L driver causing him to hit her.

$6,000,000 Settlement

$6 Million Settlement on Behalf of Client Injured in Bus Accident

Ryan Zehl and Kevin Haynes negotiated a $6 Million settlement on behalf of our clients who were injured on a bus that rolled over after the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Our settlement was the number #3 Largest Settlement in Texas.

$950,000 Settlement

Ryan Zehl Recovered $950,000 for Client Injured in 18 Wheeler Accident

Ryan Zehl represented a 42 year old short haul driver who severely injured his lower back when another 18 wheeler made an illegal lane change and ran our client off the road.

We successfully settled the case at mediation after winning summary judgment on liability.

$18,000,000 Verdict

Ryan Zehl and Kevin Haynes Receive $18 Million Verdict in a Three-Week Jury Trial on Behalf of Two Passengers Injured in a Greyhound Bus Accident

Ryan Zehl, Kevin Haynes, and Ron McCallum won a $18 million verdict on behalf of a 24-year-old and 45 year-old woman who were injured on a Greyhound Bus after a three-week-long jury trial in Dallas County.

Mr. Zehl successfully argued that Greyhound hired an unqualified driver, that he was improperly trained, and that he failed to control his speed, causing the bus to roll over onto its side.

The jury awarded over $9 million in damages and another $8 million in punitive damages after finding that the company was grossly negligent in causing the accident.

Our verdict is the #1 Largest Verdict ever awarded in Greyhound’s corporate history.

Verdict 15 Times the Settlement Offer

Ryan Zehl and Tommy Servos Win Jury Trial in Fort Bend County on Behalf of Mother Injured in Car Accident

Our client injured her back and neck after being rear ended by another driver while stopped at a red light with her 2 year old daughter.

The defendant’s insurance company refused to settle the case for more than 75% of Ms. Holley’s medical expenses, which would have required her to pay for the medical treatment out of her own pocket.

We rejected the settlement offer and took the case to trial.

After only 2 days of trial, the jury awarded our client all of her medical expenses, plus damages for pain and suffering, physical impairment, and mental anguish.The total jury award exceeded the insurance company’s settlement by over 15 times.

Verdict 8 Times the Settlement Offer

Zehl & Associates Wins Jury Trial on Behalf of Computer Executive Injured in Car Accident

Ryan Zehl and Kevin Haynes recovered over 8 times the defendant’s settlement offer in a jury trial in Montgomery County. Our client, who was an executive at a large computer company, suffered lower back injuries when she was hit by another vehicle.

The jury deliberated for 4 hours before returning a verdict for our client.

$1,500,000 Settlement

Ryan Zehl Settles Case for $1,550,000 on Behalf of Electrician Injured in Car Accident

Ryan Zehl represented David Thompson, an electrician who injured his lower back when he was broad-sided by a dairy truck that failed to yield the right-of-way while trying to cross the highway. The case was filed in Erath County, Texas, which is where the collision occurred and the dairy farm was based.

The dairy company’s lawyer argued that Thompson’s injury was preexisting, relying on an MRI from several months before the collision showing a bulging disk at the same level (L5-S1).

Mr. Zehl established that even if the injury existed before, it was severely exacerbated by the impact from the collision. The case was resolved at mediation, which took place only 7 months after the case was filed.


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Our Results

In addition to being undefeated at trial, we’ve obtained the Largest Accident Verdicts and Settlements in Texas. In the past 5 years alone, our truck accident attorneys have recovered over $1 Billion in verdicts and settlements against the largest truck and bus companies in the United States.

Our Truck Accident Lawyers have consistenly obtained the largest verdicts and settlements in Texas, including:

  • #1 largest accident verdict in TX
  • #1 largest accident verdict in Dallas County
  • #7 largest accident verdict in TX
  • #1 largest verdict in R&L Trucking Company’s corporate history
  • #1 largest verdict in Greyhound Bus Company’s corporate history
  • #1 largest reported settlement in Oakley Trucking’s corporate history
  • #3 largest accident settlement in TX
  • #8 largest accident settlement in TX

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